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Gainesville is such a unique city. Not only is our town perfect for the college student looking to jumpstart their careers, it’s also a thriving environment for young professionals and families. With top-notch companies and businesses dotting the landscape, jobs in a wide variety of industries are plentiful. However, when it comes to finding Gainesville apartments that suit the professional residents, it can seem like the majority of communities in town are very student-centric. While University of Florida students do make up a very large portion of Gainesville residents, you’re still able to find great communities and areas of town that are a good fit for renters searching to live in non-student apartments.


What to Look for in Your Gainesville Apartment

According to ALN Data, there are 35,796 total apartment front doors in the Gainesville market. More than 22% of these apartment front doors are categorized as student housing with apartments that are leased by-the-bedroom. Sharing an apartment with college students may not be the ideal situation for a professional who is already well into their own career. The different schedules and lifestyles do not necessarily make the best living experience for either party. Professionals should be mindful of this when searching for apartments in Gainesville. These student-centric communities are typically located within a short walking, biking or driving distance to campus. This could potentially create a challenge for a professional that works in the same area of campus. The good news is, there are plenty of more traditional style communities located near campus that do not necessarily cater to students. While you may have some college students as neighbors, you will not be leasing your room by-the-bed nor sharing a unit with random roommates. If work near campus but your distance to work is not an important factor when deciding on your new apartment, you may still want to consider living in a different area of town that is more professional-oriented.

When searching for Gainesville apartments that are a good choice for professionals living and working in the city, it may be helpful to search for specific features and amenities. Professionals may find it helpful to have certain amenities included in their new apartment, such as in-unit washer and dryer or upgraded appliances in the kitchen. Professionals may tend to cook a little more often than students, so a luxury kitchen complete with an island may prove helpful. If you’re a professional that also has a family, you may want to look for a community that has a children’s playground or childcare programs for your little ones. For dog owners, a dog park may be the perfect amenity for you and your four-legged friend.


Neighborhoods Ideal for a Professional Lifestyle

While the area near UF’s campus is primarily taken over by college students, there are still areas of town that have the professional resident in mind. As a professional searching for apartments in Gainesville, you may want to consider these areas due to their accessibility, features and overall vibes. Archer Road is the heart of Gainesville, offering residents a plethora of dining, shopping and entertainment options. The new Butler Plaza development is a perfect example of what this particular area offers. This shopping plaza basically has anything you could ever want and need! There are even 3 brand new apartment developments scheduled to open over the next 24 months. If you decide to live in this area, you will never be short on things to do!

The Tioga area is a great location for professionals looking to get away from the nightmare of UF traffic, yet still be close enough to great dining and nightlife. The Tioga Town Center is a great little spot that is often frequented by professionals. There’s everything from top-rated restaurants, unique bars and an outdoor concert area. For professionals searching for apartments in Gainesville that are a bit on the quiet side, Tioga may be the perfect location for you.

Northwest Gainesville is a well-known quadrant of the city that many professional residents flock to. Smaller, well-established neighborhoods surround beautiful parks, local eateries and locally owned shops. There are also a wide variety of Gainesville apartments in this area that are well suited for professionals. The city’s newest conventionally leased apartment community, Park Avenue, was just completed in 2016. Traffic is also a bit lighter on this side of town, so residents often choose this neighborhood due to the accessibility to everything.

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