Company Highlight: 2016 Minority-Owned Business of the Year, Florida Fun Bikes

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To share their unique insights on business excellence and community stewardship, the Chamber is highlighting each of the 2016 Business Awards winners. This week, we feature the 2016 Minority-Owned Business of the Year Florida Fun Bikes. You can also learn more about Florida Fun Bikes here.

What is special about Florida Fun Bikes?

Florida Fun Bikes is special because it was the first attraction of its kind here in Gainesville. It provides a unique way for people to see the city and really highlights some of Gainesville’s charm. The Fun Bike really is a one of a kind experience.

What is Florida Fun Bikes Strategy for success? What is the company’s vision and how are you working toward it?

Florida Fun Bikes’ strategy for success is simple – We always put the customer before the product! Our goal is to make sure the fun bike experience is a great one for everyone on board. With customer service at the forefront, I don’t think we can go wrong. Our vision is to continue providing quality entertainment for the residents of North Central Florida. We are working on expanding our operations and adding more features to our bike to make the ride even better. Every day we are trying to become a more eco-friendly company so as we expand we are looking for green options as well. Having fun and making money shouldn’t cause a negative impact on our environment.

How has being a Chamber member supported your company in achieving excellence?

The Chamber has been with us every step of the way! I can’t say enough great things about Steve Cannon. He has introduced us to a lot of people in the community and even helped us kick off our season with an epic grand opening. The networking opportunities and continued education classes are big reasons Florida Fun Bikes will continue to be Chamber members. As a new business, it’s nice to have the support of an established organization and other business owners who genuinely care to help.

What does winning the Minority-Owned Business of the Year award mean to Florida Fun Bikes?

To be recognized for success in something that is less than a year old means the world to our company. We have worked tirelessly to start Florida Fun Bikes and really have given our lives to the business so winning this award really validates our hard work and motivates us to try harder to make Florida Fun Bikes even better.

What’s next for Florida Fun Bikes? What new levels of success do you aspire to achieve?

More bikes in Gainesville and other cities are definitely in our future. We are really trying to bring this attraction to as many people as possible. As we get busier here in town the demand for a second bike becomes larger every day. As far as success, we would like to remain the number one nightlife attraction in Gainesville and really become the go to thing to do here in town. If we can get more people having fun and enjoying themselves outdoors on the Fun Bikes then our goals will have been met.

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