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To share their unique insights on business excellence and community stewardship, the Chamber is highlighting each of the 2016 Business Awards winners in an issue of eJournal. This week, we feature the 2016 Startup Business of the Year, Feathr.

What is special about Feathr?

All companies are powered by people, but in a startup you literally have nothing else. No brand recognition, no momentum, no established customer base, just a small group of driven people trying to make something happen. Feathr’s team has a special mix of talent, ambition, and camaraderie that makes us unstoppable.

What is Feathr’s strategy for success? What is your vision and how are you working toward it?

Feathr builds digital marketing and data analytics software for a very non-techy industry: the industry of live events. Our vision is to help bridge the gap in online and offline data collection to power more personalized experiences for both companies and their customers. The juxtaposition of bringing advanced technology to a slow-adopting customer segment forces us to deliver our solution in a customer-friendly manner.

How has being a Chamber member supported Feathr in achieving excellence?

We view our Chamber membership as way for Feathr to get involved with the local community and help Gainesville grow.

What does winning the 2016 Startup Business of the Year award mean to Feathr?

It’s great that the Chamber recognizes the important role that technology startups are playing in Gainesville’s economic future and growing “downtown young professional” community.

What’s next for Feathr? What new levels of success do you aspire to achieve?

In 2016 we grew 4x in headcount and 7x in revenue. In 2017 we aim to continue Feathr’s growth trajectory as we change the way a massive global industry does business, all from our headquarters in good old Gainesville, FL.

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