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To share their unique insights on business excellence and community stewardship, the Chamber is highlighting each of the 2016 Business Awards winners. This week, we feature the 2016 Large Business of the Year, Gainesville Health and Fitness

What is special about your company?

We Want To Be In Gainesville

We have been part of the community for 40 years and come to work every day to develop a business that all of Gainesville can be proud of.  We want to improve the health of not only our members at GHF, but everyone who lives here.

We have been approached so many times over the years to bring GHF to other cities across the country.  However, our commitment is to Gainesville and helping make this community a vibrant, cool, healthy place to live, work, and play.  We choose to devote all of our resources, staff, and innovation to Gainesville instead of taking those assets elsewhere.

We Develop Leaders

Part of the GHF culture is to develop leaders. What does this mean for our community?  We take young talent and give them opportunities to learn, grow, and practice leadership qualities over the course of their employment here.  Many of our former employees stayed in Gainesville to pursue careers and tell us how much their GHF work experience has influenced their performance and advancement.  Ken Cornell, Craig Wilburn, Danny Stevens, Andy Sherrard, Mark Mink, and Larry Hartfield to name a few. We believe keeping talent in Gainesville is a worthy initiative.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is a serious part of our culture resulting in large investments in our facilities, business practices, and staff impacting our local business community.  We will continue to expand, innovate, and renovate so we are always new not only to remain relevant as a business, but also to attract people to Gainesville and keep them here.  This is one of the most important lifelines for a community.

What is your strategy for success? What is your company’s vision and how are you working toward it?

Our strategy for success is to never stop working on being successful.  Success is a journey not a destination and we work every day to achieve it.  Every department, every employee, every day.

Our vision is to be known as one of best businesses FOR the world.  This means we do not stay inside our four walls but take our story to not only health clubs, but also to other businesses around the world including the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce to teach them about best business practices.

How has being a Chamber member supported your company in achieving excellence?

Connecting with the Chamber and all the businesses in the community has been critical to our success.  It was never more evident than in 2003 when Gainesville was awarded the “healthiest community” by WELCOA.  This was a three year initiative spearheaded by GHF and the Chamber and involved many Gainesville businesses working toward a Well Workplace designation to help us win the award.  We relied on relationships, trust, and community spirit of all of these businesses working toward a goal of worksite wellness.

We continue to help these businesses develop healthy employees at work through our corporate wellness program.

What does winning your award mean to you and your company?

The most rewarding aspect of winning the award is the sense of accomplishment our staff feels knowing they are a major factor in the selection.  Their efforts are validated and recognized leading to enhanced GHF and community spirit making our community a better place.

What’s next for your company? What new levels of success do you aspire to achieve?

Knowing success is a course not a destination, we are continually finding ways to develop the strongest staff possible and through them offer new programming and facilities to enhance the health of the entire community.

We are now entering our fifth year of expanding and renovating our centers to bring to Gainesville the greatest number of fitness options available.

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