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2 College Brothers was recently named Small Business of the Year and the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce’s 2016 Business Awards. As a Gainesville moving company built on the backs of responsible, driven and honest young men, its mission is to simplify the moving experience through reliable and friendly service. Learn more about 2 College Brothers below, as Owner Wade Swikle talks about the company’s strategy for success and future ambitions.


What is special about 2 College Brothers?
2 College Brothers was originally founded by college students looking to fill a void in the moving industry by providing clean cut, intelligent and hardworking individuals to help with one of life’s most stressful times. Today, we have built a team of 90+ individuals during the peak season that each year help to relocate over 2,000 people in Gainesville, and now serve hundreds more in the Tampa area.

What 2 College Brothers strategy for success? What is your vision and how are you working toward it?
2 College Brothers’ mission is to provide the most comprehensive training program in our industry. We aim to this everywhere from our moving and customer service teams, to our managers. We have a vision of building a nationally recognized brand, and we find that in order to do so we must properly lay the groundwork to equip our teams for success in all areas.

How has being a Chamber member supported 2 College Brothers in achieving excellence?
Early on, I made it my mission to get as much exposure in the community as possible. We joined several different organizations in an effort to gain credibility and get known. The Chamber has perhaps served this purpose best, allowing me the opportunity to network with the pillars of the community and add a reputable badge of association to our company.

What does winning Small Business of the Year mean to 2 College Brothers?
I made it my goal to do whatever it took to win this award when I first heard about it several years ago. I viewed it as the holy grail of local accomplishment. Originally the award helped us craft our mission, and our commitment to the community, especially after seeing so many reputable companies win before 2 College Brothers. I feel truly grateful for the sense of recognition the award has given us, and we have been able to use it in our efforts to grow our company and stand out against our competition.

What is next for 2 College Brothers? What new levels of success do you aspire to achieve?
2 College Brothers is currently looking into franchising as a long-term growth strategy. We hope to be in every major city in America one day.

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