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Greater Gainesville’s industry assets are unmatched. Low operating costs, the state’s youngest and most educated population, and global connectivity have supported Greater Gainesville’s transformation into a global hub of talent, innovation and opportunity. Our regional economy provides particular strength in the following industries.


Greater Gainesville is home to a growing IT/Software sector with companies ranging from game development, to human engagement. Coupled with Florida’s status as an in-demand location for hi-tech establishments, Greater Gainesville’s tech scene provides the perfect place for tech companies of all sizes.  

Agricultural Sciences & Technology

Greater Gainesville provides an unmatched set of resources for agricultural sciences & technology companies seeking world-class research partnerships led by preeminent researchers. With its growing international presence of agriculture and food sciences, this region is setting the stage for major success in this sector.

Life Sciences/Biotechnology

Greater Gainesville is at the heart of Florida’s thriving biotechnology sector. Fueled by world-class incubators, and rooted in a legacy of leadership in the commercialization of research, Greater Gainesville’s Life Sciences/Biotechnology sector is rich in research and commercial successes.

Advanced Manufacturing

Greater Gainesville’s advanced manufacturing sector represents the future of the industry in Florida. Ranging from large-scale medical device manufacturers, to life-saving gear for first responders, Greater Gainesville’s manufacturing sector–which is comprised of about  200 companies employing 4,000 people– has evolved into a go-to source for in-demand consumer goods.

Advanced Logistics

With multimodal access within close reach, Greater Gainesville–which is the halfway point between Atlanta and Miami– provides a strong location for advanced logistics companies. For instance,  I-75 and state roads 301 and 441 run right through the Greater Gainesville region, and I-10 is just half an hour away. Greater Gainesville is within 100 miles of Jaxport and about 130 miles from the Port of Tampa.

  • Assets and resources: Close proximity to major roads, 85 miles from Jaxport, 131 miles from Port of Tampa, Gainesville Regional Airport
  • Select companies: Florida Food Service, Nordstrom, Walmart, Dollar General
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