It’s Employee Voter Registration Week at the Gainesville Area Chamber!

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This week, the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce will be participating in Employee Voter Registration Week (EVRW) in partnership with the Florida Chamber of Commerce. Every day, local businesses and organizations—and their employees—are affected by public policy decisions. It is important that businesses encourage employees to engage in the process by registering to vote.

In order for your voices to be heard, it is imperative that employees get educated on business issues and engaged throughout the entire year. Employer-to-employee engagement is key to voter education and participation. We do not ask that you tell employees who to vote for. Instead, we ask them that you provide them with tools they need to be civically engaged and informed.

We ask you, as a member company, to join us in the effort to engage voters by participating in this year’s Employee Voter Registration Week initiative. You can find additional information about EVRW in this overview, and access all of the resources you will need to participate including sample messaging and graphics on

We make it easy for your employees to register by linking to a voter and election information center on the Employees Vote website. They can simply type in their address to find out when and how they need to register. Employees will also find information about their polling place or voting early in their state if they don’t think they can make it to the polls on Election Day.

By participating in Employee Voter Registration Week, our hope is that business will be better represented at the polls during the 2018 primaries this spring. Together, we can amplify the voice of business at the polls our employees vote and we impact the outcomes of every election.

Below, please find links to a Word document with text you can copy, paste and customize before sharing with your employees. For more information, email Grassroots Engagement Manager Vicki Gervickas.

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