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8 Degrees Fahrenheit Owner Akash Shah recently talked with us about the new Gainesville location.
GAC: How and why did you choose to open 8 Degrees Fahrenheit?
Akash Shah: At 8 Fahrenheit, we make bespoke ice cream with whole and fresh ingredients – in fact, our cream bases are made daily. Customers have their pick of ingredients like Oreos or fresh strawberries which are then mixed with their choice of cream on an extremely cold surface. Once the ice cream freezes over, it is rolled and topped off with an additional three toppings. Currently, our company has stores throughout several other states like Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas and California but we were really trying to expand into Florida. After visiting several cities we felt that Gainesville was the right place for the company to open the newest store because we felt our product would really resonate with the community here.
What is your philosophy and vision for your store?
Our mission is to provide you a truly bespoke ice cream experience. Inspired by the street vendors of Thailand, we were among the first establishments in the United States to pioneer the rolled ice cream concept. Each ice cream is made-to-order on a surface chilled to below -8°F with ingredients of the highest quality and freshness. Our cream bases are prepared daily with no added preservatives or stabilizers – ensuring your ice cream is truly fresh and healthy. We also want to create an atmosphere that is welcoming and trendy which is why we chose to introduce our newest design concept to this store. It has a 26 foot long mural of the map of Gainesville which is also mirrored on our cups.
What does 8 Degrees Fahrenheit bring to Gainesville?
A really, really great product with a ton of options to customize. Our ice cream is superbly creamy with the perfect level of sweetness. On top of that, our ambiance is absolutely unmatched by any other establishment in the city. The 4 foot tall interior signs, 26 foot long mural of Gainesville and the chalkboard walls really make our store the perfect place to enjoy a cup of ice cream with loved ones.
What is Gainesville a great place to live and own a business?
It seems as though a lot of things are happening in Gainesville right now – development as far as the eye can see. To me, that’s a sure sign that this city has a lot of special things to offer to me as a resident and business owner.
What haven’t we asked you that you want to share with us?
We encourage everyone to visit our website at and follow us on fb/ig @8ficecream.
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