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Are you well-positioned to get one of the 900 new jobs created in the education and healthcare industry segment last year here in the Gainesville region?

Alachua County is ahead of the curve when it comes to employment — its 3.2% unemployment rate, which is almost one full point lower than one year ago, is well ahead of the state average of 3.7% and the federal average of 3.9%.

The Gainesville area is an especially good place to be for education and healthcare. Gainesville has 26,000 education and health services jobs, or almost 18% of all jobs. And it’s growing fast: the 26,000 jobs is 3.6% higher that the previous year, and represents 900 new jobs. This is the biggest increase in total jobs of any industry area.

Out of these 26,000 jobs, a majority are in healthcare-related areas. Almost 14,000 of them are in “Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations” in Gainesville, and another 4,500 of them are in “Healthcare Support Occupations” in Gainesville. Curious what kinds of jobs these represent? Well, here are just a few of them*:

  • There are currently roughly 5,260 registered nurses in the area, making a mean wage of $66,240, and an additional 790 Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses making a mean wage of $46,850.
  • There are roughly 2,030 nursing assistants in the area, making a mean wage of $25,320, and roughly 1,000 medical assistants making $27,930.
  • There are currently 1,330 physicians in the area, making a mean wage of $213,430, and 140 physician’s assistants in the area, making a mean wage of $91,060
  • There are well over a thousand technician and technologist jobs in the area, with pay varying according to the specialty and training
  • There are currently 420 pharmacists in the area, making a mean wage of $102,840, and another 470 pharmacy technicians making a mean wage of $31,080

Want to learn more about these and other opportunities? Contact Joe Johnson, our Business Services liaison to CareerSource NCFL. Through our partnership with CareerSource NCFL, we can provide Chamber members direct access to no cost hiring services and competitive training resources, often at little or no cost. In our tradition of innovation, the partnership has been recognized as one of the leading and only of its kind in the country — where a chamber of commerce and publicly accessible workforce board actively partner to ensure these no cost resources are distributed to members quickly.</>

* All data come from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity.
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