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[Part 4 of a 5-part series on the Intercity Leadership Exchange.]

Strengthening our community begins by strengthening our neighborhoods and allowing them to e

The University of Florida’s Strategic Development Plan seeks to shape the university and surrounding community’s future over the next 50 years and establish the framework for the “New American City.”

The plan comprises four main initiatives: New American City, Proximity, Stewardship and Strong Neighborhoods.

The Strong Neighborhoods initiative recommends that the university and city collaborate to preserve historic neighborhoods, creating a diverse housing stock and improving amenities while defending them from gentrification. The plan also calls for improving the identity of Southwest 13th Street as a gateway to campus and the city, a city arts initiative to enrich neighborhoods and more.

Next month, the Chamber is leading a delegation of business and community leaders from greater Gainesville to Columbus, Ohio for its annual InterCity Leadership Exchange. Participants will return to Gainesville with lessons learned and ideas to share that may spark conversation about how we continue to move forward in pursuit of the strong neighborhoods initiative.

Attendees of the InterCity Leadership Exchange will study the ways Columbus utilized public-private partnerships and university-city resources to preserve and revitalize neighborhoods, as well as strengthen neighborhood pride and establish a sense of identity within its neighborhoods. Additionally, attendees will learn about Special Improvement Districts and home Columbus tackles homelessness, how they utilize design regulations to maintain strong neighborhood identities, extreme transformation and revitalization of the university district, and how the university and the city are able to implement various arts & culture projects to enrich their community.

For a complete list of the InterCity Leadership Exchange discussion topics and areas of study, view the itinerary. If you have not yet registered, make sure to reserve your spot today as participation is limited. Click here to register.

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